Air Compressor Water Separator FAQs

Below are some of the Oil-Water Separator Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please Contact Us and we will assist you.

QUESTION: What is Condensate Management?

ANSWER:  Air compressors regularly produce water, due to the compression process. Proper removal of this moisture from air flow, prior to entering the plant air system is essential. This prevents costly damage to dryers, air tools, gauges and other critical components. Condensate management products that can reliably separate and remove condensate are oil-water separators and automatic condensate drains.

QUESTION: Why do I need Oil-Water Separators?

ANSWER:   Condensate generated by lubricated type air compressors is comprised of atmospheric borne water vapor and lubricant from the compression process. Post  compression, condensate is dropped from the air line in the cooling, refrigerated air dryer, and filtration phases of air treatment. Regardless of site conditions, it is virtually impossible to remain legally compliant with local discharge regulations without proper separation equipment.

QUESTION: What kind of oil-water separators does Champion offer?

ANSWER:   We offer gravity type oil-water separators which work effectively with PAO/POE based demulsible lubricants. These lubricants quickly and easily separate from water (CSP EnviroChamp 2 Series). Champion's oil-water separators are designed for 24 hour, continuous, heavy-duty operation.

QUESTION: How do I know which oil/water separator is right for my application and environment?

ANSWER: Champion has an extensive, highly-trained network of authorized distributors. They can assist you in identifying the proper separator to meet your specific application demands. Take the guesswork out of selecting the correct product and let the experts guide you in the right direction.  

QUESTION: Why are Champion oil/water separators better than competitors?

ANSWER:  Champion's oil-water separators were designed with reliability and longevity in mind. For example, the CSP EnviroChamp2 Series has a 40 percent longer service life than that of most competitive units.

QUESTION: How do I purchase Champion oil-water separators?

ANSWER: Champion separators can be purchased through an authorized Champion Distributor. Our strong network of distributors have the knowledge and experience to support your investment for its lifetime.