Air Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Air Treatment Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please Contact Us and we will assist you.

QUESTION: What is “Air Treatment”?

ANSWER:  All compressed air systems require dry, clean air and environmentally sound disposal of by-products. To ensure total system reliability, Champion air treatment products include a broad range of air dryers and coalescing filters to keep your downstream equipment free of moisture and contaminants.

QUESTION: What kind of dryers does Champion offer?

ANSWER:  Champion offers a wide variety of refrigerated and desiccant air dryers. Each of the two types of dryers compliment the Champion line of air compressors in style, form, fit and function. Champion's air dryers are specifically engineered to meet the unique application and environment demands our customers face.

QUESTION: What is a refrigerated air dryer?

ANSWER:  Typical refrigerated air dryers are designed to produce dew points as low as 38°F. Refrigerated dryers operate by using reliable reciprocating refrigerant compressors and environmentally friendly refrigerants to cool the compressed air. Champion's refrigerated air dryers consistently produce dew points at this level and incorporate innovative technology to specifically meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for a non-cycling refrigerated air dryer (CRN Series) or your application demands a high temperature refrigerated dryer (CRH Series), Champion has a product to fit your needs.

QUESTION: What is a desiccant air dryer?

ANSWER:  Desiccant air dryers are typically designed to work efficiently in critical applications were dew points of -40°F to -100°F are needed. Desiccant air dryers use desiccant beads such as activated alumina, silica gel, or molecular sieves to adsorb the moisture found in the compressed air stream. Champion's line of desiccant air dryers are engineered to remove water vapor in compressed air systems to dew points as low as -100°F. Desiccant air dryers are typically found in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, painting, paper and petrochemicals that have very specific drying requirements.  

QUESTION: How do I choose which type of dryer would work best for me?

ANSWER:  Champion has an extensive, highly-trained network of authorized distributors who can assist you in identifying the proper Champion air dryer to meet specific application demands. Take the guess work out of selecting the correct product and let the experts guide you in the right direction.

QUESTION: How do I purchase Champion air dryers?

ANSWER:  Champion air treatment products can be purchased through an authorized Champion Distributor. Our strong network of distributors have the knowledge and experience to support your investment for its lifetime.