Quick Lock Tubing Installation Guide

Champion offers the easiest and fastest installation available. There is no welding, gluing or threading, and very little skill is needed for a professional installation. With the purchase of nylon clips or wire hangers, an installation crew can clip tubing securely to a wall or hang from the ceiling and around beams. No special tools are required and both pieces are easily adjustable for a quick and efficient install.

1. Remove burrs from the outside diameter of the tube. Clean and remove any shavings.


2. Add oil on tube before inserting into the fitting.

3. Fittings D14, D20, D25, D32 and D40mm are supplied fully assembled.Insert the tube into the fitting. To make insertion easier, rotate thetube on itself while making the connection. Be sure tubing is securelyand fully inserted into the fitting.


4. Use the below table to properlytighten the fittings:

5. Only for tube dimensions D50 andD63mm. To facilitate installation, fittingsare supplied with unscrewed nuts. Oncethe tab is inserted into the fitting, tightenthe nuts to the torque specified above:

6. Outlet/Reducing Tee FittingThis fitting is a valid alternative to thetraditional swan neck, and proves itself asa fast and low-cost solution. The efficientinternal system allows air to reach the pointof-useand drain toward the most convenientlow point of the system, so that no moisturestays within the main circuit. This fitting isalso an alternative to a traditional gooseneck (up and over) take-off point. It preventswater from dropping out of the main pipingloop into the drop line. All systems should beinstalled with a slight slope to allow moistureto collect at one point in the system. Thispoint should be fitted with a drop line andterminated with a condensate drain.


CAUTION!Do not loosen the compression nuts prior topipe installation. The fitting compression nutsare torqued at the factory. To install the pipe,push and rotate the pipe into the fitting untilfully seated. Verify the compression nuts aretightened to the proper torque displayed inthe above tables.

PIPE REMOVAL:Loosen the fitting compression nut 1 to 1.5turns, push the pipe into the fitting and thenpull out.