Condensate Management Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Condensate Management Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please Contact Us and we will assist you.

QUESTION: What is Condensate Management?

ANSWER:  Air compressors regularly produce water, due to the compression process. Proper removal of this moisture, prior to entering the plant air system, is essential in preventing costly damage to dryers, air tools, gauges and other critical components. Condensate management products which can reliably separate and remove condensate are oil/water separators and automatic condensate drains.

QUESTION: Why do I need condensate drains?

ANSWER:   Champion automatic condensate drains are designed to ensure manufacturing processes and products do not become contaminated by ensuring liquid oil and water condensations are discharged from the compressed air stream. Automatic condensate drains can eliminate daily man-hours required to walk the factory and manually drain air lines and equipment. They can also prevent the receiver tank from filling up with condensate and causing the compressor to short cycle. 

QUESTION: Where are condensate drains installed?

ANSWER:  Drain installation is typically a part of a complete Champion air treatment system and can be located in places such as; after receiver tanks, after-coolers, refrigerated dryers, and filters.

QUESTION: What kind of condensate drains does Gardner Denver offer?

ANSWER:  Champion uses three main drain technologies in our product offerings: pneumatic, electronic demand, and timed electric. Pneumatic zero-loss drains are powered by air, not electricity, so they are ideally suited for remote or portable applications. Electronic zero-loss demand drains operate based on the level of demand, not on a specific time setting where demand is not considered. Timed electric drains operate by utilizing two timed settings a user can program according to their application and drain needs. The drains have one timer is set for the interval between each time the drain opens. The second timer is set for the amount of time the drain is open. There are minimal and zero-loss drains available within the Champion drain product line. Zero-loss drains mean no compressed air is lost during the drain process. This results in energy savings. 

QUESTION: Can using a Champion condensate drain save me money?

ANSWER:  Installing Champion automatic condensate drains provide several benefits for your compressed air system. Condensate drains can eliminate daily man-hours required every morning to purge the air lines of condensate before work begins, they prevent the receiver tank from filling up with condensate and causing the compressor to short cycle and they ensure timely and effective condensate removal during working hours to protect end products and processes from contamination. 

QUESTION: How do I know which drain is right for my application?

ANSWER:  Champion has an extensive, highly-trained network of authorized distributors who can assist you in identifying the proper Champion condensate management product to meet your specific application demands. Take the guess work out of selecting the correct product and let the experts guide you in the right direction.

QUESTION: How do I purchase Champion condensate drains?

ANSWER: Champion condensate management products can be purchased through an authorized Champion Distributor. Our strong network of distributors have the knowledge and experience to support your investment for its lifetime.