Air Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the Air Filter Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, please Contact Us and we will assist you.

Question: Why do I need filters?

ANSWER:  Airborne contaminants from the atmosphere, such as dust, water vapor, and hydrocarbons enter the air system through the compressor intake. The compressor also contributes to the problem with wear particles, oil vapor and fine aerosols that leak past glands and seals from the oil sump into the compression chamber. Such contaminants in the air system can affect the efficient operation of pneumatic devices and, over time, damage them. Utilizing reliable filtration products ensure that the integrity of the compressed air system has not been compromised.

Question: Where do I use filters within the air system?

ANSWER:  Filters can be placed after an air compressor's (or stand alone) after-cooler, before a dryer (refrigerated, desiccant, membrane) as a pre-filter, and after a dryer (refrigerated, desiccant, membrane) as an after-filter.

QUESTION: What kinds of filters does Champion offer?

ANSWER:  Champion offers a world class product line of filters that encompasses a wide range of technologies allowing for the most reliable method of filtering out contaminants to the level needed for any one specific application. Our air filters series include state-of-the-art filter designs allowing for custom filtration at every installation. Regardless of your system requirements, Champion has a filter to meet your needs.

QUESTION: Why are Champion filters better than competitors?

ANSWER:  Champion filters are engineered with industry leading filter technology to ensure maximum filtration performance and long element life. Our modular housings save space and money and the large flow paths reduce pressure drop. For example, Champion's CFF Series filters were designed so they could be mounted for left or right entry and to ensure maintenance was simple. Champion's filters have also been tested to CAGI standards and fall under the ISO 8573.1 Air Quality Class Guidelines. Adhering to the ISO 8573.1 Quality Class standards ensure your factory will get the compressed air quality you specified.

QUESTION: How do I choose which type of filter would work best for me?

ANSWER:  Champion has an extensive, highly-trained network of authorized distributors who can assist you in identifying the proper Champion filters to meet your specific application demands. Take the guess work out of selecting the correct product and let the experts guide you in the right direction.

QUESTION: How do I purchase Champion air filters?

ANSWER:  Champion air filters can be purchased through an authorized Champion Distributor. Our strong network of distributors have the knowledge and experience to support your investment for its lifetime.