Efficient and Reliable Reciprocating Air Compressors

Champion air-cooled reciprocating pumps and air compressor packages match the needs of a wide variety of compressor applications. Champion’s portfolio includes both single-stage and two-stage compressors, designed for home and plant use respectively. Champion also offers reciprocating units with an acoustical enclosure to lessen the noise from this type of compressor.

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Choosing the Right Reciprocating Compressor

Lubricated and oil-less reciprocating compressors from Champion are known world-wide for trouble-free operation, long life and built-in efficiencies you can count on. An ideal solution in intermittent duty applications, the reciprocating product lines offered through Champion are a great solution to your compressed air needs.

 When selecting a Champion’s reciprocating compressor, several factors need to be considered. These include capacity requirements, desired pressure levels, efficiency, and the specific application. Sizing the type of compressor correctly, based on the air or gas demand, is crucial to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. Consulting with experts and understanding the unique requirements of your industry is key to making the right choice.

Champion's Reciprocating Compressors Types

Champion offers a diverse range of compressors that cover a wide range of needs. Among these, our line of Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressors is the perfect solution to your compressed air needs!

Our compressors are engineered to provide high performance and superior efficiency, while ensuring durability and reliability.

Engine Driven

Our oil lubricated compressors, ranging from 9.1 - 23.9 HP, offer exceptionally smooth and quiet operation, primarily due to the utilization of precision-engineered components that effectively minimize wear and tear. Through a meticulous two-stage compression process, these compressors guarantee optimal air delivery, enabling you to achieve higher productivity levels while conserving time and energy.

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Champion Engine Driven HGR7-3H Compressor
Champion PL Series HPL5-12_5RM Horiztonal Tank Compressor


Champion’s pressure lubricated compressors 3-30 HP offer outstanding efficiency and versatility, as they can operate in any temperature and pressure condition. Their advanced filtration system guarantees clean and dry compressed air, preventing contamination that could potentially damage your equipment and compromise your production process.

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For those who value quiet operation, our quiet enclosed reciprocating air compressor 10-15 HP is the perfect choice. Equipped with a two-stage splash lubricated system, it delivers consistent performance while maintaining low noise levels. This makes it ideal for indoor applications that require minimal noise disruption.

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Revolution quiet enclosed 10HP compressor
Champion R-Series VR7F-8 Compressor


Our splash lubricated compressors 2-30 HP offer unparalleled performance and durability, as they are designed to withstand heavy use and tough conditions. They come equipped with a two-stage splash lubrication system that ensures efficient cooling and lubrication of critical components, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted compressed air supply for years to come.

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Command Air

If you're in the market for a small, efficient air compressor for light-duty tasks, look no further than our Single Stage, Splash Lubricated 0.5-3 HP Reciprocating Air Compressor. With its compact design and reliable performance, this compressor is perfect for powering small tools, inflating tires, and more. The splash lubrication system ensures that your compressor stays in top shape with minimal maintenance, while the single stage operation ensures quick and easy air delivery.


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Champion Commandair Pump Model B1 Front View

Climate Control

For those who need a little more power, our single & two-stage, splash lubricated .05-25 HP reciprocating air compressor is the way to go. This compressor delivers high air flow rates and high operating pressures, making it perfect for demanding tasks.

With its splash lubrication system and rugged construction, this compressor is built to last. It will provide reliable service for years to come.


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Climate Control Reciprocating Compressor


Browse our FAQ section to find answers to common queries and address your concerns about reciprocating compressors!


What is a reciprocating compressor? 
Answer: A reciprocating compressor is a type of positive displacement compressor that uses a piston-cylinder arrangement to compress gas or air. The piston moves back and forth inside the cylinder, creating pressure that pushes the gas or air into a smaller volume.

How does a reciprocating compressor work?
Answer: Reciprocating compressors work on the principle of reciprocating motion. The piston moves down, drawing gas into the cylinder, and then moves up, compressing the gas. The compressed gas is then discharged through a valve.

What applications are reciprocating compressors best suited for?
Answer: Intermittent duty applications where a compressor would be turned on/off multiple times in a given hour. These types of applications are best suited for a reciprocating compressor:

  • Small body shops
  • Tire shops
  • Carwash facilities
  • Anywhere noise in not a factor


What are the advantages of using a reciprocating compressor?
Answer: Some advantages of reciprocating compressors include high efficiency, suitability for high-pressure applications, and flexibility in controlling the compression ratio. They are also relatively easy to maintain and repair.

How do I maintain a reciprocating compressor?
Answer: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the optimal performance of a reciprocating compressor. Some key maintenance tasks include checking oil levels, changing oil per specifications in the manual depending on if using synthetic lubricant or mineral lubricant, checking and replacing air filters, inspecting and lubricating pistons, valves, and bearings, and monitoring belt tension if the compressor is belt-driven.

What is the difference between single-stage and two-stage reciprocating compressors?
Answer: A single-stage reciprocating compressor compresses gas in a single stroke of the piston, while a multi-stage compressor divides the compression process into multiple stages with intermediate cooling between stages. Two-stage compressors are used for high-pressure applications where a single-stage compressor may not provide sufficient compression.

How do I size a reciprocating compressor for my application?
Answer: Sizing a reciprocating compressor involves considering factors like required flow rate, discharge pressure, temperature, and the type of gas being compressed. Consulting with a compressor manufacturer or an engineer is recommended to determine the appropriate size for your specific needs. Contact Us.

What safety precautions should I follow when operating a reciprocating compressor? Answer: Safety measures include ensuring proper ventilation, maintaining adequate distance between the compressor and other equipment, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, and following the manufacturer's guidelines for safe operation and maintenance.


At the heart of Champion's reciprocating compressors is a commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency. With advanced features like precision machined cylinders, heavy-duty cast iron construction, and durable motors, you can rest assured that our compressors will deliver outstanding performance day after day. Experience the power of compressed air today and choose our compressors as your ultimate partner!

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