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CHWS Series Oil-Water Separator

Oil Water Separators

The CHWS range of oil-water separators is made of three models that cover 50, 100 and 250 cfm. All three models are simple to install, require a minimal amount of space and provide < 10 ppm condensate carryover. 

CHWS-50 & 100

The two smaller CHWS units feature spin on / spin off cartridges that allow for easy and clean maintenance. The cartridges are filled with an enhanced alumina silicate substrate media bed that prolongs the life of the unit. When the unit requires maintenance, simply spin on a new cartridge.


The largest unit, the CHWS-250, uses a different strategy to accomplish the same goal of removing lubricant particles from condensate. Instead of replaceable cartridges, the CHWS-250 features a "use up and replace" design. When the molecular sieve utilized in the active filtration process is spent, replace it with a new unit.