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Rotary Compressor Lubricant

RotorLub 8000 - Synthetic 

RotorLub 8000 is a superior PAO (polyalphaolefin)/MFSE (multi-functional synthetic ester) blend formulated with proven additive components. The result is superior thermal and oxidative stability. RotorLub 8000 is ideal for applications which require extended operating intervals. It is formulated for excellent demulsibility and optimum viscosity over the compressors entire operating temperature range.

RotorLub 4000FG - Food Grade

RotorLub 4000FG is a custom-blended polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic hydrocarbon food grade fluid giving improved lubrication at high and low temperatures, reduced volatility, and compatibility with mineral oils and equipment designed for use with mineral oils. RotorLub 4000FG is a long-life lubricant especially formulated with rust and oxidation inhibitors for flooded screw compressors.